As a potential new member going through recruitment, it is important you know what you want to find in a sorority. Whether you want a loyal group of friends, a great philanthropy to get involved with, an opportunity for leadership – you have to visualize if you are able to find that in each house you go to.

Before and during recruitment, it can be so easy to be attracted to the superficial things in a house. Cute outfits, fun music, colorful decorations can distract you from what really matters! You should always focus on what is important – things like the girls’ personalities, the chapter’s achievements, the opportunities it presents to its members, and the support system provided!

Right from the start, college girls should prioritize involvement, friendships, and academics! A sorority that knows how to aid girls in resume building as well as provide fun social experiences is an ideal home for those who want a perfect balance of work and play. If you know you are the type of girl to fall into peer pressure of going out all the time, be sure to look for a chapter that will hold you accountable for that! If you need to let loose a little, look for a chapter that provides you with a relaxed feeling when you walk in the doors!

Each sorority wants to impress new members in different ways, so remember what really appeals to you! You will find a house that speaks to exactly what you need! The best way to look for what you desire in a house is by asking in depth questions and expressing what is important to you. If service is a huge priority to you, do not brush that off! Talk about your service experience and ask what that chapter does to benefit their philanthropy. If you’re looking for a reliable friend group, ask members about the friendships she has made in her chapter!

Your sorority will leave an everlasting impact on you even after college – so looking for what you want and need in a chapter helps determine which house will be your future home!