Sorority life has been around for more than 200 years. Millions of women have gone through recruitment, joined a sorority and found an everlasting home and sisters forever. What a lot of women do not know before joining a sorority is what “sorority life” really consists of on a daily basis!

Joining a sorority can at first be overwhelming. There are a lot of obligations you will commit to – chapter meetings, swaps, study hours, philanthropy and sisterhood events, and more. All of these events and requirements provide an opportunity for you to develop life-long relationships and memories.

On a weekly basis, you are likely to hear from your chapter’s executive committee almost daily. There are many communication platforms chapters use such as Facebook groups, GroupMes, email lists, etc. Almost all chapters have meetings once a week, in which you get updated on anything going on within the chapter. The fun part of being in Greek life comes when sororities participate in “socials” or “swaps!” For many chapters, these take place a couple times a month either paired with another Greek organization or with an opportunity to bring a date! Another thing to look forward to in a sorority is sisterhood events! Chapters might host a karaoke night, spa day, or even a trip to an amusement park for sisters to get the chance to spend time together and make memories.

Being in a sorority can be an extremely rewarding feeling, but it is not all fun and games all the time. Being an initiated member means you have responsibilities, requirements and expectations to uphold! As a member, your name directly represents your chapter! That means your actions and words should align with your sorority’s expectations. Sororities hold their members accountable by monitoring social media and actions at events. If a member is seen as disobeying any rules, she might be sent to what some chapters refer to as “standards,” to discuss her wrongdoing.

It is important to remember that each sorority is different from the rest. However, all sororities provide a chance for friendship, leadership, responsibility and involvement! Being in a sorority entails a lot of someone. Each day might look different, but overall the ins & outs of being in a sorority provide many benefits to college women!